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JetBoo and Other Trip Ramblings. May 25 - June 1 oops 2 , 2008

By: allnicksgone (View Profile)
Date: 6/7/2008

I was looking forward to this trip and knew I would have a good time. Hope the pictures show. Not sure how to add them, so I will try basic html.

I did not take notes during my vacation. It feels too much like homework to me. So here are random highlights that I can remember off the top of my head.

I was worried about my girlfriend. She was looking forward to the beach and the water, but I am embarrassed to say she did not want to be around Mexicans. She had an ignorant, stereotypical view of them.

I am happy to report that she enjoyed herself very much, and the people of Mexico were a big highlight of her trip.

I could see the transformation in her eyes one evening when we were eating at a beachside restaurant. There were two of the cutest kids you will ever see in the sand next to us. They were about 4 or 5 and my girlfriend had a big smile watching them play in the sand so nicely with each other.

The people of Isla Mujeres were always very friendly to both of us at all times. She was so spoiled by the friendliness and helpfulness, that she cussed out an American taxi driver back home for not being as nice as Mexican drivers and helping with our bags.

A little firsthand experience is all it takes to fix ignorance.

Anyways, our trip started on Sunday, May 25th with JetBlue out of Pittsburgh. Flight departed at 7 am with a connection in NYC. Everything was smooth, made it into Cancun about 1/2 hour earlier than our 12:50 scheduled arrival. Unfortunately because we were early, our gate was still being used. No problemo, the terminal busses were sent out to the runway to take us into the building so we didnt have to wait. Way to go JetBlue! (Too bad this wasnt the only time we would see those busses.)

Customs was a breeze and we waited outside for our Best Day van for about 10-15 minutes. They loaded several of their vans with Cancuners, (is that a word?), before finally bringing one for us. They could have stuffed us into one of those vans, so I was happy to wait. We had the van to ourselves and it bypassed the hotel zone. We made it to the ferry just in time for the 2:00 departure. By around 2:30 we were walking in the door of Casa Punta Piedra.

Nice house in a great, quiet location right outside town. I would definitely stay there again.

While she unpacked, I caught a taxi to El Sol to rent a golf cart. The cart worked perfectly and seemed faster than any other on the island. Taxis and scooters passed us, but no other carts ever did, yet we passed several of them. The gf wasnt impressed though, she was always yelling at me to slow down.

Our first meal was at Picus and it was excellent.

Then we went to the grocery store to load up on supplies. Spent several minutes looking for milk not knowing you cant find it in a refrigerated case. It is in boxes like condensed milk is in stores here, but it tasted the same as regular milk. The non-refrigerated eggs actually seemed better and fluffier than ours when you cook them.

After that we rested and went to bed early. Traveling makes us tired. Woke up in time for the sunrise which was just cloudy enough to cover the sun. Was the same for every sunrise this week. Here is one right after it rose above the clouds, taken from the bedroom balcony.

Our first and best breakfast was at Amigos on Hidalgo. We both had something I think was called an omelet popeye. It had spinach in it. Oh man, was it good.

Then spent some time getting sun at a beach club on the South end of the island. It was either albatros, or a place next door, cant remember. Nice place, we enjoyed it even after some daytrippers arrived.

The next time we went there a couple days later, it was too late. There arent many beach chairs, and they were all taken by daytrippers. So get there early, its worth it.

We certainly felt safe on the island. The Navy had us protected from any sneak attacks by Cuba.

And Punta Piedras guard was always near by, often napping at our door. He is a great dog. He would always greet us with a wagging tail, but would bark at anybody else that got too close to the property. The best alarm system money can buy.

Well, this is taking longer than I expected and I dont even know if the photos will work. So, to be continued later...

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