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Isla Mujeres - April 1st through 5th, 2010

Date: 4/9/2010

Having spent the past two weeks in Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen respectively I met up with my sister Tammy, my nephew Brandon and my Stepmom Edna for 5 days in Isla on Thursday, April 1st. I was waiting for them at the ferry terminal around noon when their van pulled up Within minutes we were on the top deck of the ferry enjoying the breeze and our first sight of that clear blue water between the mainland and paradise. We made our way to Nautibeach to get checked in and sat down for some food and cold beverages. I love Sunset grills club sandwich and their spicy fries. After a late lunch we got settled into our room and then walked over to Ballyhoo for our first dinner on Isla. It was delicious as always and there was a great breeze keeping us cool. I had the garlic fish filet.

For some dumb reason I decided to have a margarita instead of my usual DosXX. Three margaritas later i was feeling no pain! I always overdo it on my first night. We walked around town a bit before heading back to the condo to hang out on the balcony before bed.

Of course I woke up with a raging hangover Friday morning which quickly evolved into a migraine. No more margaritas for me! I took my medicine and recovered as much as I could before joining the family on the beach. I slept it off under the umbrella and got lots of fluids and good food from the Sunset grill. After a beach day we cleaned up and walked into town for an italian dinner at Angelos. The penne bolognese was perfect. Edna had a shrimp fettuccine in wine sauce, Tammy had veggie pizza and Brandon had a calzone. We knocked off early for the big day ahead on Saturday.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at the Sunset Grill and took off on our golf cart to visit all of our favorite spots like the turtle farm, Punta Sur, Playa Tiburon for some tacos at lunch, then snorkeling all afternoon at Garaffon de Castilla. Love that place! After snorkeling we headed back on the Caribbean road and stopped at shell beach for a while so I could build my monument to 2010. I made a mermaid this year. Pics to come later.

We went back to the condo to freshen up then went back South for dinner at El Veradero de Oscar, my favorite little Cuban place on the Island. I got the last order of the chicken fricasse, Brandon had Masitas de Puerco and Tammy and Edna had the garlic shrimp. I love the moros and platanos maduros there so much! I could have eaten another plate full. We finished off the night at the swing bar at Sunset Grill where Tammy and Edna had a hot brownie with shaved almonds, chocolate sauce and ice cream for dessert.

Sunday was a lazy day on the beach reading, sunbathing, swimming, eating and drinking before heading into town for some more shopping and food. We decided to go to Las Brisas grill for dinner and I had a grouper filet roasted in a banana leaf. Brandon had shrimp diablo and the ladies had grilled shrimp I think. It was good, but not as good as the similar food we had at Ballyhoo.

After the sun set we took the flashlight and walked down to the north end of the island where the water flows through the rocks from the Caribbean side to hunt for critters. I always find lots of sea stars, urchins, sea slugs and worms there but what I really always want to find is an octopus. In 6 years I have not been successful and I look every time. I was looking everywhere, turning over rocks and inspecting every nook and cranny that I thought I would like to hide in if I was an octopus. Id been at it for a while and figured I would go octopus-less once again and then something latched on to my foot. I mean my whole foot! My right foot was suddenly engulfed completely by something slimy and squishy with a vice-like grip. I screamed and kicked my foot out in an instant and felt the suckers releasing me as the thing was flung off into the water. I had just found my first Isla octopus! Well, I guess technically it found me but I heard where it landed when I kicked it off and went looking for it before it could get back into the rocks. Such a beautiful thing! I chased it down and scooped it up in my hands and Tammy got some great pics of it changing from fluorescent green to red. Ill add those when I get copies. I released it right away and watched as it crawled into the rocks unharmed. it was the perfect ending for our last night in Isla.

Monday morning we headed back to Cancun where my family went home to GA and FL while I headed south to Tulum. My week there was full of adventures....more on that later.

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