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More trip pictures! December 25th-Jabuary 1st

By: Estrela (View Profile)
Date: 1/14/2007

OOur daughter Maya at Chichen Itza. She was named after the Maya. We used Cancun Valet to get there. Maya screamed (no joke) for the 2 1/2 hours it took to get there! It was fun seeing her happily running around the pyramids laughing and giggling.

An old man at Chichen Itza selling these statues made out of firewood...they seem like they are charcoal. He could barely speak. He made these for 10 pesos each. I often wonder what his life is like.

Daddy and Logan back at our hotel (Maria Del Mar) hanging out(literally) in one of the many hammocks aound the pool.

Our son on the balcony of ou hotel(the Cabanas section). We LOVED our oom because the balcony made it seem much MUCH bigger.

My husband and Maya on our balcony. Since it got light on the island EARLY Maya woke up around 5am each morning. Both our kids really enjoyed the crepes at Cafe Cito for breakfast.

The pool area at Maria Del Mar. Our room is directly behind the pool on the upper right. For the most part it was nice being so close to the pool, but one day for 3 HOURS straight a group of kids AND adults yelled at the top of their lungs! It was extremely annoying and rude.

Thsi is our son in front of the beach at Maria Del Mar/Buho's. It's a funny picture because Logan thought this big beer bottle was filled with orange juice! :)

The beach at Maria Del Mar. It was bigger than I had anticipated! There are tons of sandbars so you can walk WAY out, but there was more seaweed than normal. No big deal, you just step over was on the beach and not in the water.

Maya Rose falling asleep. I put this picture in here because her outfit was PERFECT for at the beach. It's an SPF full piece outfit that is very lightweight and kept her cool. It was great because we didnt' need to put sunscreen on her...just her face. Her hat was SPF too. It saved her the pain of getting sunscreen in her eyes and also, sand didnt' stick to her like it did with sunscreen all over her body. This was especially helpful since our hotel didnt' have baths. Her little outfit also made it impossible for her to spend her days shoving sand down her diaper! :)

The beach at Maria Del Mar.

Another view of our hotel room. There is a small pool connected to the big pool which my son called the "kiddie pool". It worked out really nice.

A view of our balcony which was connected with the room next to us. It worked out well because our relatives were in that room. The only problem was trying to keep our baby from climbing/falling down the stairs!!

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