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Day 3 Monday 2/12/07

By: Sawdust (View Profile)
Date: 2/28/2007

Up early to watch the sun come up,and make coffee. As I am thinking about what has transpired over the last couple of days I have come to the conclusion that for the number of times I have tipped people for handling my bags just getting here and possibly the same on my return trip I may just come next year in shorts & sandles and buy the rest of my stuff on Isla. Anyway I am determined to show Bill & Roni how great the food is on Isla so we are off to breakfast. Now there are a lot of places to go,but my brother-in -law Is frugal...or a spend he's CHEAP. So I took him to that great little spot just around the corner from the Post Office. He was impressed. The food is always good and inexpensive. After that we are out for sight seeing and shopping. My other brother-in-law, Blase wants a bottle opener that looks like a fish and is made of Abalony. One neat thing about shop keepers on Isla. If they don't have what you want,they will take you to where you can get it. We found just what we were looking for but it was way over priced. 650 pasos is a bit much,not being in the mood to haggle I just left as they had one at the Avalon gift shop for 270 pasos. Anyway it is now getting very close to Sol time and we head for Jax and the famouse Jax Burger. I had read on the board that some one was not happy with it,but I have had lots of them there before and was always happy with them. I only had one complaint...I could hardly bend over to tie my shoes after eating the whole thing. Bill & Roni were also impressed with them. Kay as usual is good to go with salsa & chips and a bucket of beer. After walking around for a couple more hours we went to the Icecream place on Hidalgo just across from Angel's
then off to the grocery store this time to get just plain bread and a large bottle of water. By the time I walked from the Supper express to the Avalon my left arm was at least 1 and a half inches longer than the right one. The good news was with a tank top on,no one could tell.
After stoping off at the members bar for some pinacoladas and a short nap. Time for supper and am famished. Jax Burger a thing of the past. Off to Don Chepo's. I ordered the pork chops and Kay had pasta. There two for one however is not as I would have thought. At Jax 1 beer $1.25 But two for one at Don Chepo's is $3.50 Go figure. Any way food was excellent. Then what made my day was a nice dog came by so I could feed him the bones from the pork chops. When the waiter came buy to get the dishes and he noticed there was nothing left on my plate. I just smiled and said I was really hungery. He just gave me a strange look shook his head and left. I wanted to bring Bill and his wife with us but they were to tired to make the long walk. I was just getting warmed up at this point and walking is good to walk off all that extra food & beer. The next day I have reserved 90 minutes for the Time share sharks. See,I only bought a 3 year time share(5 weeks to be used in 3 years) so every time I come back they always try to get me to sign up for more time. But I only agree to it for a free breakfast and a Golf cart for the day. More to follow later.

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