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Vacation Journal
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Family vacation Day 6

By: AmyMN (View Profile)
Date: 3/12/2008

Day 6
February 28th

We woke up to a warmer day today, still windy and cloudy, but when the sun was out, it was hot. Mom and dad made the trip to Lolo Lorena’s and picked up our pastries for breakfast, and we were off for our next adventure. Dolphin Discovery! (skip this part if you are morally opposed to dolphins in captivity)
We had been planning on swimming with the dolphins, but hadn’t made an advance reservation, as I was worried about the weather, having other things to do, etc. So, we just tooled over in our golf cart and went to the information desk. We did the dolphin encounter, as Ross isn’t old enough to do any of the more advanced programs. That worked to our advantage, as he was free! Jeff and I planned to swim with the dolphins, and mom and dad planned to just hang out. I had asked a customer service rep before we left if they could just pay admission and was told it was either $10 or eating and drinking there. Well, the guy at the information booth said they had to pay $50 each as it was all-inclusive, no way around it. I argued with the man for a while, then mom and dad decided to go do something else while we were with the dolphins. They were almost out of the park when the guy chased them down and said his boss said they could come in for free (?) so they came in and hung out. We had some time to kill before our turn with the dolphin, so we checked out the stingray pool,
mexico pics 142
the shark pool and the manatees. Then it was time for orientation, and time to get in the water. The water was much deeper than I expected, and I spent most of the time trying to keep Ross from floating away. Seeing the dolphin up close and petting her was an amazing experience. We all enjoyed it, even my husband who is a non-swimmer and scared of “things” that are in the water. After our swim, we trooped upstairs to watch the video, then back down to buy our pictures.
mexico pics 232
I spend enough on pictures to make up for Ross swimming for free, but it was a once in a lifetime activity. They had people walking around with animals: a sloth,
mexico pics 153
a toucan
mexico pics 151
and a large iguana.
mexico pics 157
It was pretty neat.
We were all pretty hungry after spending the morning and early afternoon at Dolphin Discovery, hungry enough that the buffet smelled really good. It was $25! So, we headed out to Playa Tiburon. We found a table in the sand and ordered our lunch. I was feeling adventurous, so I ordered Tix n Chix, and my dad followed suit.
mexico pics 161
Ross had a hotdog, which seemed to be the highlight of his vacation! Our Tix n Chix was good, and I’m not much of a fish eater. We had to remove the head from the fish before we started to eat, because it creeped us out.
mexico pics 162
After eating, we headed to our true destination, the shark pen. Mom, dad and I all braved the shark pen. Ross thought we were crazy, “if you get eaten, I’m going to the bar”. It was kinda yucky.
mexico pics 163
mexico pics 167
mexico pics 169
mexico pics 173
I guess I prefer dolphins!
After our brush with death in the shark pen, we took a walk down the beach, walking far enough to see the man made island.
mexico pics 176
It was pretty neat to see. After doing some shopping at various beach vendors, we headed out to the golf cart. This was the only brush with crime that we had the whole trip-someone had taken a wet beach towel off of our cart-our fault for leaving it there in the first place. When we got back to our house, I shocked all of our neighbors with my conch blowing skills. After showering, we headed to the roof of our house to watch the sunset. Although it was cloudy, it was still breathtaking.
mexico pics 190
We really wanted to go to baseball tacos for supper, but had been told that they were closed down (I don’t think that was true, just misinformation) so, we went with the next closest thing, Tacos Medina. We all had excellent tacos and tortas there, and enjoyed watching the street performers. Ross really wants to be a fire dancer when he grows up. He’s already practicing.
For desert, we again headed down the street for crepes. While we were eating, we were approached by a man with a snake-it had something to do with garbage and misinformation about snakes, not too sure because I really don’t like snakes. Jeff hid out in the restaurant, Ross was fascinated, and my dad paid the guy money to just leave us alone. We aren’t really snake fans.

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