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June 7 - June 16, 2007 Trip Report & Pics, DAY 1

By: pacia (View Profile)
Date: 6/18/2007

June 7 - June 16, 2007 Trip Report & Pics, DAY 1

What a great time. Our best friends (another couple) came with us this time, along with another friend of ours. Of course, they fell in love with Isla.

This was our first time in June. We usually go in late April/early May - the difference of just one month is extreme - HOT! Knew it would be, but damn!

The forecast before we left was was rain, rain, mostly cloudy, and more rain. What we ended up with was two overcast days, a morning downpour or two, a couple of terrific evening thunderstorms, and the rest of our 9 days
with mostly sunny skies, slight breeze, and HOT!

There were five of us, so we booked our airport transportation with Cancun Valet a couple days before our departure. Everything went smoothly - I highly recommend them.

DAY 1 (Thursday, June 7)
Landed about 15 minutes early around 10:15 am. We only bring carry-ons, so we were through immigration and the green light within 10 minutes. Stepped outside - MUGGY. But I love that first hit of the Mexican heat. Cancun Valet was waiting outside for us, and we were on our way to the ferry.

For the first time, we didn't arrange our lodging beforehand. This was off-season, and we'd be booking 3 rooms for 9 nights, so we figured just walking up to a couple of places to check out our options would work just fine. We headed toward Vistalmar and passed the new froggy 'Official Store'. I can see how they draw people into this eyesore - the doors are opened with the A/C blasting - felt great walking by! We looked at a room at Vistalmar. $35/night for a bed, A/C and a bathroom. $5 more if you wanted a fridge. We decided to try Maria Leticia. We fell in love with this place! Same price with a better location and more amenities. I can see why this place is completely booked up during high season.

Front entrance:

View from our front door:

Bed & Closet:

View from our balcony (FYI, only one room has a balcony looking over the street):

Lovely courtyard:

We were all starving, so after getting settled, we all headed over to Picus for a nice lunch. It wasn't a very memorable meal, but it satisfied our appetites and was good all around. The 'Natural Shrimp' is always a winner in Stefan's book.

Bellies full, we took our friends on a short tour of the downtown area. We walked a block of Hidalgo and headed East to show them the Caribbean side to help them catch their bearings. We noticed the construction site for the new condos by Poc Na Hostel. Word has it that they will also be building an artificial reef off the coast that is supposed to sway erosion. I have no idea if this is true, or how environmentally sound this will or will not be. Regardless, it was sad knowing that this perfect stretch of beautiful white sand would soon be covered in cement. But it was beautiful at that moment, and seeing the expressions on our friends faces when they saw those crashing waves was priceless. :)

The heat won, and it was time to head over to Playa Sol to vist Luis and order a round of Pina Coladas!

Me (left) and my friend were pleased. :)

We hung around for a couple of hours drinking Pina Coladas and admiring the HUGE beach, then headed back to the room for showers and to relax for a bit.

Around 10pm we headed around the corner to Om bar and listened to a great drum-based band (from Cuba, I believe):

After several beers and a couple rounds of free tequalia shots (ouch!), it was time to leave! We had been up since 5am and were starving, so we headed over to Taqueria Medina on Hidalgo. We all ordered 3 pork tacos each. Hit the spot!

What a fantastic first day. We had never arrived this early before. It was worth getting up so early and having such a full first day on Isla.

Slept like babies...

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