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Here Goes Nothing...Loco Gringos April 8th, 2008

By: sandybunz (View Profile)
Date: 8/10/2011

Made breakfast burritos with the last of our provisions so today will be a townie day to pick up more supplies. We wanted to get some exercise in and decided to walk all the way to town....5 miles at noon. Are we NUTS? Apparently so. On the way we found a small tienda that we find to be the best one down this way so far with eggs and all the canned goods etc. AND ice cream! AND beer! It was fun figuring out how to ask how late she was open (albierto) Cuando ahora cerrado? Amazingly to my mind she knew exactly what I was trying to express and told me she is cerrado on Domingo todo...closed all day Sunday. So thats why we didnt see her when we came by on Sunday! I love when my communication is successful! Doesnt happen often. ok...onward. You pretty much walk against traffic here so, as John says, you can see what is about to hit you. No shoulders to speak of and the taxis fly. We also wanted to be wary of the drunken day trippers in thier golf cart brigades. Ive been a drunken tourist myself, but never behind the wheel of large machinery. This is another thing we like about the island, the patience and kindness of the islanders despite all of this.

Made it all the way to town and I needed a cervesa before I passed out. John negotiated some prices with a golf cart guy...we may rent a moped (John is a long time experienced motorcyclist) and will do a golf cart on moving days probably although taxis are everywhere and cheap enough.

Had lunch at Poc Chuc again because John is already craving their pork tacos for $3 and 2X1 beers all day. Then it was off to Mertitas grocery for queso and clamato juice. Followed by the super mercado for veggies, beer, tequila, and breakfast stuff. I waited in the central plaza with the groceries while John went off in search of rotisserie chicken for our dinner at home later. They were setting up a huge sound system and many chairs. From what I could read on the banners, it will be some kind of political rally with their governor who looks to be a woman.

Got a taxi ride back down with a very nice older gentleman who helped us with all of our groceries. Heated up our chicken dinner and took a walk down to our special little beach and sat under the palms just soaking in the warm night air once more.....
Little tiny baby one!!!
Cant believe I "catched" it! John teases me that I always have to touch everything....
Tomorrow...I deserve ONE lazy day, right?

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