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Day 3 - Dolphin Day

By: watergurl (View Profile)
Date: 6/10/2007

We headed out for breakfast before we went to Dolphin Discovery. Warren had spotted a little place he wanted to try that was just a couple of blocks from where we were staying. Itís a little group of restaurants on the North end of Guerrero. Iím pretty sure the one we ate at was called San Martin, C62 on the mapchick map.

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We had huevos rancheros for $30 mp, chorizo and huevos for $30mp. I donít think anything on their breakfast menu was over$350mp. They didnít have coffee, but they did have OJ and Coca Cola in a glass bottle for those of you who remember those. We all had breakfast for $200mp including tip.

We took a taxi to DD, the boys decided that they didnít want to do the dolphin swim. They showed some interest in the nurse sharks, so they bought the wrist bands for that. We all bought the bands for all you can eat and drink. It was $19 per person. Lunch was nothing special, but if you can drink then the price is well worth it.

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By the time Terise and I were done with the dolphins our husbands were pretty drunk. Terry had made a new friend, her name was Glory. She was teasing him because he ordered a Pina Coloda.

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We chatted with Glory for a while. She is an amazing woman. She works 4 jobs and she studies English in her spare time. She told us about the crazy Americans who didnít want to evacuate during the hurricane.

After lunch we headed back to town, the boys were in no condition to do the shark swim.

We wandered around downtown and did some shopping, but we got pretty hot and happy hour was drawing near so we headed back to the beach. As we were walking back we stopped at a little restaurant on Medina for some water and an ice cream. We got these wonderful coconut ice creams in a coconut shell. They were made by Nestle but they were so good.

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We were pretty worn out so we decided to stay in for dinner that night. Pablo from the bar downstairs made us some salsa and we made a meal from the chicken and things we had bought the day before. We even made some guacamole! It was perfect!

That night got our first taste of rain on the Isla, is sure was coming down outside. We had planned on going downtown to check things out, but we watched a movie instead.

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