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December Trip/ Day 2

By: mik (View Profile)
Date: 1/6/2007

Day 2: Having stalked the weather updates the last 10 days, waking up to sunshine felt great.

After the required coffee and Christmas bread (it made it past customs!!) we went to find a boat to take us snorkeling by the lighthouse. It was very choppy and we heard many boats were not going out. Being 40% adventurous and 60% stupid, we took our chances and are so glad we did! Carlos led us around the area – we saw many beautiful fish and loved the whole experience of jumping out of this old boat wherever they pointed. We’ve high ended snorkeled before and I’m thinking the fish don’t know the difference. Seeing the island in the background with all its intrigue – we hadn’t explored yet – gave such a thrill. We bobbed around a LOT which made us laugh like a bunch of goons, which made our captain laugh. I think he was worried how we might take the rougher waters and sure he thought we were going to be heaving over the side and forgo a tip for a wet cloth. Ha! We told him to enjoy the waves and we really rocked! Hey – we have a 40 year old boat on Lake Superior. This was 101 for us!

Back to the beach for lunch and waiting for our friends to arrive. It’s not too hard to wait on Playa Norte, is it?? No reading for this avid book fan – I loved just looking around at the water, the palms trees, beach, people and labels off the Sols. Many label reads later, we see our friends heading towards us from their spot at Maria Del Mar. We ate at Picus – sand in our toes, red on our noses, Sols in our hands, smiles on our faces. If there are too many shrimp dishes on the island (I just read that on the chat line) I’m glad for it. I don’t get shrimp much and enjoyed it in every form I had it! Went back to play cards and listen to the waves. How fabulous is it to share travel with good friends.

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