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Our Isla Trip January 17-22, 2008

By: jean0508 (View Profile)
Date: 1/24/2008

Well, after all the research and wonderful advise from all of you, we finally went on our much anticpated first Isla trip. My husband and I arrived early afternoon, on different flights, but met at the little bar outside terminal 3. What a great way to start the trip to be re-united in Mexico with a nice cold beer! Anyway, we opted for the public transportation and walked over (beers in hand!) to the airport shuttle bus to Cancun-Centro, jumped in a cab and headed for the ferry/dock. By far, very easy and inexpensive. We checked into Playa Media Luna, very easy and no hassles. Room 8 was beautiful, and what I expected. I supposed the room in general was a bit "tired", but all in all, the view and veranda (king jacuzzi suite) was well worth it. The pool area is to die for, but don't expect much from a service aspect. We picked up beer and water from the market and that served us well. The peace and quiet was what we were looking for and we got it!(Even w/ the construction noise next to it, not that big of a deal). Stopped in at Jax for a few drinks before dinner. What a great location! Headed over to Bally Hoo for dinner, which was great. I had some type of Brazilian platter, fish and shrimp in a great sauce, John and the Chiptle Shrimp and was literally dripping sweat! Too funny... But all excellent. Loved the view of the dock and the activity of the fisherman coming in a handling the fish etc. Good margaritas too.

Day 2- Started off w/ breakfast at Elements, which was great too. We both had the scrambled eggs with chaya (I think it was called "elements omlette", the fresh backed bread and jams (loved the banana and pinapple, john liked the berry one...). John caught the ferry and played golf in Cancun, while I went to the Elements yoga class, then headed back for a long lazy day at the pool. Later that day, we went to that bar across from Jax on the beach....Carribian something....and had some chicken nachos, which were very good and watched the sun set. For dinner, we went to El Malguerita, on Hidlago St. and had some chickan dish, which was good, but John had some Fish dish that he loved. The people watching was great sitting on the street, saw a band break out and play along with some boy throwing fire in the air on a chain. Very fun- Did I mention that I felt like we were drinking all day and always in bed by 10 ish? Perfect for not feely bad in the a.m. and not wasting away the day sleeping. I'm definately a "day drinker". day we went to the farmers market and had breakfast at the stall next to Alexia and Giovianni's (they were closed). Wow, could that get any cheaper? 2.50 for eggs, rice, beans. Can't beat the price and its a decent breakfast. Went back the next day too, but ate at Alexia's that time. Rented golf carts and drove around the island. Could not believe all the construction going on, some of the houses looked to be really nice. We stopped at the little place next to Garrafron Park, to snorkle for only a few dollars. Nothing spectacular, but fun to be in the water and tool around. It was a beautiful day.... had a fabulous lunch(my favorite by far!) at El Pueblito across the street from the snorkle area, and had awesome coconut shrimp that were huge! John had the cerveche and thought it was good (He likes his fish warm) but wanted to give it a shot. How come my rice never turns out as good as theirs? Anyway, very laid back afternoon and zipped on back to have happy hour at chi chi and charlies. Had fun with Juan (the lawyer?) and Casper the bartender, such nice people and watched another fabulous sunset. We'll trying to keep our wits about us (another stint of day drinking), we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. tacos! How funny is that? I really wish I would have taken better pics of that place. We could not find it and wandered up to a soccor game for a few minutes. I'm sure the locals were making fun of us, knowing we were lost, but being the gracious hosts, they offered us beers and to stay and watch the game w/ them. We declined, as our stomachs were growling and found the location. Had great taco's and got rained on, but what a fun experience and not to be missed.
Last day-
As cloudy as cloudy could be, went to yoga, had breakfast at farmers market, read in the room, then headed out to Jax to watch the football games. Had great fish taco's at jax and enjoyed the company. Meet a guy from MN who came down in mid-dec. to spend x-mas w/ his parents and never left! LOL. Headed out on Monday for a very long jouney back to Chicago, bad weather caused long delays....oh well. Not so good end to a fabulous trip. Thanks to all for the great advise. Mapchick Laura- your map is invaluable. I gave mine (sort of regretfully) to a NY couple who had no clue what to do, and we were leaving. My good dead for the day! I look foward to ordering a new one in a year or so when hopefully we will return! (if not sooner!)

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