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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 13

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 7/29/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 13

Sunday March 4

“Sizzling Sunshine and Wicked Wind!”

Why would today be any different…’s before 6 and I’m on the balcony to enjoy the start of another day…

The wind is calm this morning and I can already feel the heat….

Off we go to get a few groceries and some fresh OJ…nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice to start the day! We get a nice big bottle at the market for $20MXP. Home to drop off all of our goodies, taking a moment to enjoy the view once again…

We get the beach bag ready for the day and then head downstairs to M & J Cazuela’s for brekkies. Pedro is running his feet off once again! Vince enjoys an Omelet Holbox and a glass of chaya, while I have a nice plate of fruit.

Hunger satisfied, it’s off to Playa Norte to enjoy the sun and surf…

I get comfy in the lounger and sit back to admire the view…ahhh….

The beach is always busier on Sundays with many local families….

It’s definitely a hot one today….35C….

No, that book is not nearly as good as the title suggests!

Vince ventures out in the waves for a Playa Norte view…..

We snack on pepitas con limon from Maria and when Ingrid and Rick arrive on the beach, the boys go off on the moped to get ribs. Yummy!

Ingrid and I manage to do some shopping from the sand….a girl from Brazil was selling colourful panties….had to get some of those!

I only bought one pair that day, but they were so nice that I bought a few more from her the next day. We saw a few girls on the beach actually wearing them as swimsuit bottoms. Uhhhh, not quite enough coverage for me!

The sun begins to set, but there is a bank of clouds blocking it today. The humidity is rising along with the wind…hmmm, could be a change in the weather?

We leave the beach together and head back to our room for a bit of relaxation…..munching on snacks, listening to music and reading….

After a quick shower we are off to Hidalgo….noses leading us to Angelo’s tonight.

We share 2 pizzas and an ensalada misto, 2 beer and 2 water…$330MXP plus tip.

Everything was delicious as always…tummies are happy again!

We can feel the wind even on Hidalgo, but it doesn’t stop us from getting some ice cream from the gelato shop. I get my favourite…a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of banana $20MXP. Vince, Rick and Ingrid get coffees from the coffee shop near the square on Guerrero. Back to our room where I’m feeling a little chilled from the ice cream and the wind. The wooden slats in our room aren’t doing a very good job at keeping the wind out. I don’t really like sleeping with the wind blowing on me, so we try to block it out using some blankets.

It helps a bit, but I need more, so I construct what Vince would call, the princess bed. Hey, it worked! I was snug as a bug in my little shelter!

We read for a while and wonder what the weather will bring tomorrow with this north wind. Lights are out around midnight…goodnight princess!

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