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October 1-8 2009 Day 8

By: mickeysdog (View Profile)
Date: 2/21/2010

Isla October 2009
Day 8

Travel Day – It is an easy day today. We don’t have to catch the ferry till 12:30 p.m. so we just took our time. Got up, coffee on the balcony and cleaned up. Headed down stairs for another breakfast at Bamboo and watched the foot traffic on Hidalgo. We got in some last minute shopping up and down Hidalgo before returning to the hotel to pack. We grabbed a cab and it is off to the Ferry.


New Ferry – This was a pleasant surprise from last trip.


Cocktail Bar in the front. Change can be good.


Flat Screen T.V.s


Looking back – One of the hardest things for us to do is look back at Isla as we head across toward Gran Puerto. You experience a strange feeling in your stomach that you really aren’t ready to leave.


In the bat of an eye, the week is over and we heading toward home. It is time to start planning for next year.


Well the 8th day brings our trip to a close. Our first trip to Isla was a family adventure with our two adult daughters. We stayed at a house on the water in the airport area and had a golf cart for the week. We ran around the island, literally (daughter is a jogger) however, it sometimes felt like a drive-by. We DID have a wonderful time learning all about this little bit of paradise. This trip was just for my wife and I and our goal was to stay in town, chill out, lie on the beach, read, drink a couple of cold beverages, watch sunsets and enjoy some of the best island food we could find. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Something worth noting, we traveled in October this year. With the economy down and the H1N1 scare, Isla was abandoned this month. There were very few tourists on the island. We went by a couple of very well know night spots at 9:30 at night and not a soul in the place. We hope the “season” well be strong for Isla.
You spend all year reading, planning, making reservations and dreaming only to arrive on this island and in the blink of an eye, we’re looking back at Isla on the ferry. Worst feeling I know.
My wife and I have contracted the most severe disease possible. Far worst than H1N1 (what was that all about?). We have a case of Isla Disease. The symptoms are: the urge for Margaritas about noon every day of the week all year long, searching for a special Mexican restaurant within 200 miles of home that just might have decent food that reminds you of the island, playing at golf courses with only gas golf carts, if you do hit your ball in the sand trap – you take off you shoes and the never ending desire to wear flip-flops everywhere and every day even if it is 28 degrees outside. The prognosis is terminal. Oh well, it could be much worst.
A couple of special thanks to Laura, your maps make the trip each and every time (if you don’t possess one you better get one), Chris thanks for this site. Patty and I learned a great deal about Isla before we ever arrived on our first trip and it allows us to continue re-live and dream all year long. We thank all who take the time to share their adventures, rate their lodging and food experiences and keep each and every one of us up to date on all the latest. Thanks to the local folks, whom we met on our past two trips, and really are the Isla spirit; Luis and Amy at Punta Peidra, Vivian at Quebano, Rodger and Lionel Richie at Segio’s, Miguel at Moonlight, Gregorio on Guitar, Ceasar at Don Chepo’s, Ramon and David for the Whale Shark stories and Lisa at Lost Oasis. Your great hearts and warm conversations truly make our visits memorable.
Something else we need to share. Patty and I have lived in Florida all our lives and the first 45 years in far South Florida. We grew up fishing, diving and spending great amounts of time in the Keys. We watched South Florida and the Keys grow and expand. What was once a sleepy little fishing community, with friendly folks and a great place to visit, has changed. Some think the change is good. Large resorts, with tall buildings replaced the once mom and pop motels and the small businesses were replaced with chain restaurants and resorts. We think it has lost some of its soul. Still a fun place to go but just not the same. We fear for Isla as well. Isla reminds us of the Keys in the 60s and 70s, with the colorful homes, great food and its link to the sea. Isla is one of the unique destinations where you always feel you are home. The warmth of the people and that Mexican sun creeps into your blood. We hope the locals will control the growth and try and maintain a skyline that does not look like a concrete block wall. Having worked on some projects in Cancun, it looks and feels like Miami Beach. A seven mile long wall blocking the natural beauty of the Mayan Peninsula. In the short time we have visited Isla we have seen changes and I know those of you who have continued to return for many years can relate to those changes. Not all change is bad; however, the developers are only looking out for the all mighty peso. I hope that the future will bless this island.
That’s it; I have to get off of my soap box. Soap boxes are better served holding soap; Limes are better served in Margaritas than in beer. O.K. I promise to stop.
It’s time to start planning our return. We wish all of you safe passage and many more great adventures.
Until next time.
Adios from Mickey and Minnie’s Dog


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