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Mexico 2008 ~ Day 21-22

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/4/2008

Mexico 2008
February 14 – March 9

Isla Mujeres

Day 21-22 Wednesday March 5 – Thursday March 6

“Let’s Have Some Lazy Days!”

Day 21 Wednesday March 5

The sun comes up as it always does….and I’m there to greet it as I always am!...

We decide on an early morning scooter tour of the island today…just for something different! Actually, it’s really nice to drive around at that time of day as it’s so much quieter on the streets. We enjoy the view at Garrafon…

The morning air is nice and cool and fresh after last night’s rain, but it’s great to feel the sunshine. We have a light breakfast again, slurping away on the rest of our yummy watermelon. The ocean on the east side is calmer than usual…when the winds slow down on this side, it usually means a change in the weather and winds on the west side..we’ll see!

The colours are so pretty…

Enough gazing at all the hues….it’s time to get to the beach! We’re on a countdown to our last few days now, so we need to fit in as much relaxation and tanning as possible! We find the gang gathered at Sergio’s today, so we join in…

The rest of the afternoon is spent doing… little as possible! Exactly what nice long holidays are for! My yacht comes to pick me up….yeah right!

Vince can’t seem to sit still for too long and he says we’re not getting our money’s worth from the scooter, so off we go again…one more circle tour! We always try to mix it up by going in different directions…down the east side and up the west side this morning….opposite way this afternoon, with maybe a tour up Sac Bajo thrown in. He just loves zooming around on that thing!

Back home where we find a packer hard at work on the malecon. I can’t wait to walk along the malecon next year…the last time we did that was in 2003 and hurricanes messed it up after that. It’s going to look great!

The water is even calmer and practically see-through…

No sunset photo today…not quite sure why, but it must not have been impressive! Maybe we were ‘snoozing’ or something!

Dinner on our own tonight at Angelo’s. We share an ‘ensalada misto’ and a pizza. Always good! We’ve always enjoyed Angelo’s…consistently good. We did miss one of the fellows that has been there for years…not sure where he is and couldn’t remember his name so we could ask about him.

Since we often eat at the other end of Hidalgo where it’s quieter and less busy, it does seem very noisy right in this area….the bands at Fayne’s and Bamboo’s love to compete and now there is another band/singer at the old Kokonuts (I think that’s what it was called). So, 3 different songs going at once and we’re caught in the middle. Add in the constant interruption from the little kids selling their wares and it’s hard to have a relaxing meal! Ah well, it’s all part of the package and we’re happy to be part of it!

We continue our nightly routine of ice cream from the Italian fellow on Hidalgo…just love that banana and chocolate combination. Perfect end to a lazy day!

Day 22 Thursday March 6

Hello Sunshine!

Back to bed for a little more sleep and then we enjoy a light breakfast on the balcony. We only have our scooter for a few more days and Vince says we need to make the most of it, so off we go. Down by Punta Sur, we find our dream home….

What a wonderful view…

The infinity pool…

So when we win the lottery, you know where to find us!

Off to the beach and today the gang decides on the area near Sunset Grill. Umbrella with 2 chairs was $150MXP.

Time to lay back and just ahhhhh…..

I could just gaze at this view forever…

Not about to break with routine so off we go…circle zoom once again, stopping in at the beach just south of the car ferry dock to watch the sunset.

I think the ferries like to race each other!...

Dinner tonight was at CoMoNo’s…not sure where the camera was, but we enjoyed all of our usual treats! We were going to try the new crepe place near CoMoNo’s for dessert but just didn’t have room for it tonight. Definitely on the list for next time though!

We made it an early night…even started to do a little packing up of things that we didn’t need for the next few days. It’s hard to think about going home when we are so happy with our lazy routine!

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