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June 7 - June 16, 2007 Trip Report & Pics, DAY 2

By: pacia (View Profile)
Date: 6/19/2007

June 7 - June 16, 2007 Trip Report & Pics, DAY 2

DAY 2 (Friday, June 8)
After a wonderful, deep sleep, we woke up at 9. Tapped on Amanda and Brandon's door, then Randall's. Everyone was up and ready to go. It was time to show them North Beach on this beautiful, hot, sunny morning.

We walked up and over through the 'Medina' sand road, around Nautibeach, then planted ourselves under a big palm next to Chi-Chi's and in front of Nautibeach's pool. The beach here is just gorgeous, and our friends were absolutely floored as they looked around and absorbed it all. It gets me every time, too.

The three specs in the middle past that sandbar are our friends:

Love the water here. It starts out a bit deeper (about knee-deep) than the area closer to the Avalon, then you end up at the sandbar waaay out there that puts you ankle-deep. Then, finally, you head out and have to go tippy-toe. :) We splashed around for a bit, then it was decided to put these coolers we brought with us to use. Went to the store for some beer and ice. No ice to be had, so beer in the cooler will do for now! Back to our spot at the beach...

Our first vendor purchase of the trip was a headband for Stefan. These things are PERFECT for him, and only $50 pesos each. This was the first of four he bought during our trip.

Isn't she a cutey?:

We were all getting a little hungry, so we headed a few feet over to Sunset Grill for some appetizers. We ordered a few and shared them all, but I only remember the Shrimp and Cheese dish we ate. Ugh, SOOO rich. It was good, but a bit much in the heat. Perhaps overpriced, but I consider it "paying for the View," and I think it's worth it ;) :

Stefan with a full belly:

Sunset Grill was nice enough to fill our cooler with ice, so we headed over to our spot again. FYI: The best Isla travel advice I found online was to bring a bed sheet for lounging around on the beach. We have done this since our first trip. Towels are just too small!

Here is Amanda and I. We were supposed to be pretending that we were sound asleep in paradise, but the guys ruined this for us, so you can tell that we are faking. ;)

Amanda and I "sleeping":

Here is the view for the rest of the afternoon:

Randall and Brandon enjoying the view:

What a perfect morning and afternoon! It was getting late, so we headed back to our rooms to shower and relax for a bit. Hungry again, we headed over to Hidalgo and happened upon Cesar at Don Chepo's.

He convinced us:

Again, I don't remember what I ordered (I REFUSE to take 'notes' while on vacation!), but all was good. Amanda especially enjoyed her whole Snapper.

Amanda and "Snappy":

We are all having the time of our lives. This is the best vacation ever, and this is only our second day!

We headed back to the hotel, relaxed a bit, and headed over to Color de Verano for some Port and Chocolate Mousse. Yum!

The guys and Port:

We headed back over to Om Bar to listen to the band for a bit. Amanda and I had some serious massage business to take care of tomorrow, so we headed back home and had ourselves another great sleep.

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