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Day 3 - Sunday, May 14, 2006

By: IslaToni (View Profile)
Date: 5/29/2006

Day 3 - Sunday, May 14, 2006

Up at 8am! Ready for another wonderful day. Sat on the balcony, drinking our coffee, deciding what to do. Such a difficult task, isn’t it?

I told marcee and donna about Hortensia and marcee did have a favorite dress that she had brought with her. We decided that we would walk down there to see if she could get a couple made. Now, I have to tell you that poor little marcee has Fibermyalsia. Which is an ailment somewhat like MS or lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. This also means that sometimes when she wakes up in the mornings, her muscles will ache. When we’re at home, she usually has a bad day every 2 or 3 days. But when on isla, the gal went for 7 days straight without a flare up! We all attributed it to the nice, moist, humid conditions of the island!

As we were walking towards Hortensia’s (carrying our beach bags for the day), marcee kept asking “how much farther”? I said, it’s just up here and around the corner. Again, how much farther? We had gone maybe a block! I laughed because I am so used to walking everywhere when on isla. We finally got to Hortensia’s only to find that it was closed. DUH! It’s Sunday. Always forget what day it is when we’re there.

One of the golf cart guys from Ciro’s was on his bicycle trying to drum up business. Marcee said golf cart? Sounds good to me. How much? He said, I make you a deal…$55/day. They almost feel to the ground. I said no, thanks. He said ok, $45/day. Everyone else said, too much. I said that that was pretty much standard for the island, so I told them that it was a good idea since they were getting tired of walking, already! So, I told the guy that we would come by after we ate breakfast. Walked over to alex and giovanni’s (my favorite place for breakfast) and they couldn’t believe the prices. It was very good, of course. I had chorizo and scrambled eggs, marcee had the fruit, candace had 3 tostadas and donna had pancakes. I told them that instead of just getting a cart for the day, I wanted to get one for the whole time we were there because (since they were all lame. Lol) it was a good way for them to get around. I had to go back to the hotel to get some dinero, so I walked while they stayed and enjoyed the rest of their breakfast and orange juice. When I got to ciro’s they didn’t have any little carts left, only the medium ones for $55/day. I told them no, we’ll come back when they get a little one in. they asked, how much you pay? Of course, I said that I wanted one for 8 days and I wouldn’t pay any more than $50/day for the medium one. To me it was huge cart. It wasn’t one of those big, big ones, with the storage thingy in the back, but it was big. He signed us up and away we went.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Went to Sergio’s for the day. Got the last 4 chairs at the water’s edge. Today we met JaninNC, her husband and one of the tmac’s, Tim from massachusettes. Also, Sam (the pereo vendor and I believe he is Hortensia’s nephew) came by. Hugs all around as he did remember me (the other half of “Lynda and Toni”). The girls were getting a little burned so they went to the room at around 3pm for a siesta. Siesta? What’s that? I don’t siesta on isla unless it’s on the beach. I don’t want to miss any minute of my time there!! I stayed until around 4:30, visiting with tmac. A very nice man. He was down on this trip by himself and definitely enjoying himself.

Got back up to the room and everyone was still asleep! C’mon, wake up! Time’s a wastin’!!! I jumped in the shower and ready to go. Donna woke up and I said, it’s happy hour, let’s go down to Romi’s. Got down there and decided to have a pina colada. It was great. Romi makes a good one. Sat at the bar, in the swings, where my chin just comes up to the bar! There was a lady sitting there, talking to Romi, and of course we struck up a conversation. Her name is Karen and has been living on the island since January, I think she said. We moved to a table for some more room and Carl arrived. He is the grey haired man with ponytail, who also lives on the island. He started telling us stories that I had never heard before….there’s a strip bar on the island????? Wow! Never knew that. I think he even said that there are two of them. Marcee then came down and left candace still sleeping. When I went up to get her, she was coming down and very angry that we hadn’t woken her up. I can’t win. Oh well, she got over it! A couple more twofers and then in to town.

Tonight was taco night in the Zocalo. But of course we had to stop at fayne’s first so candace could see “the boys”.

We were sitting there, having our drinks, and this guy comes up to me and says, “are you IslaToni”?? I looked at him and then I looked at the young lady with him and I said, “are you Brian and Josie”?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yes!!! (that 3 blondes and one other with black hair description really works!) they joined us for a bit and we agreed that we would try to go to contoy on Wednesday with Capt. Tony. Marcee and Candace, once again, up dancing. Candace lead everyone in the newer version of the electraslide. oh yeah, it's now called the cha cha slide. She had quite a group up there.

(i think i forgot to take my camera tonight, so no other pictures of the evening.)

We then left for the Zocalo. It was late, about 9ish, and things were winding down. They only had chicken tacos left – nothing for candace to eat, she’s a bit of a vege, but does eat fish. Donna and I had a couple of tacos and donna made the mistake of using the “green” salsa. Here in California our green salsa is spicey, but not THAT spicey. Donna could only eat one of her tacos as her mouth was burning up! Marcee tried a bite and choked, it was so hot. No fish for candace so we went back to fayne’s so candace could have fish tacos (and of course….to see “the boys”).

Since today was our first day of the cart and it sat parked….we decided that a night tour of the island was in order. Went down the cancun side first, around punta sur and back on the Caribbean side. I was absolutely ASTOUNDED at the number of homes that have been built on the Caribbean side since I was last down (2 ˝ years ago!). they all looked so pretty at night, though, all lit up. I pointed out all of the little “spots” along the way, telling them that we will do another tour during the day. (I still needed to make my delivery to Big Jim and I had told him that I would do it on Monday.)

We were done with our “midnight tour” and realized when we got back to the hotel that it was 12:30am! Wow! We’re such the partiers! Time for bed.

Again, a nice relaxing, funfilled day on Isla!!!

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