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Staying at Zina's - Days 6, 7 and 8

By: Kathryn in Iowa
Date: 5/24/2005

Day 6 - Golf Cart Day
Annette, Allen, Eric and Ann Marie were going to join me for a golf card tour of the island. Zina was shopping in the morning so we went to the ATM and I headed down to the dock to meet them. They arrived shortly after 9. We proceeded across the street to rent golf carts and got a deal because we needed two. We were supposed to meet more friends at Playa Norte at 11 a.m. so decided to do a tour before they arrived. Neither one of our carts was working very well and by the time we got to near the south end of the island, mine died. We tried to encourage it, but no luck. The girls all headed back to get a replacement and we had several of the employees follow us in the new cart so that we knew that it would run and they could work on the dead one.

When we arrived at the south end, no Allen, Eric or golf cart. Annette said, "I'll bet they pushed that cart all of the way to that little bar (El Pueblito) Yup! There they were, standing by the dead golf cart, shirts off and drinking beer. Well, all of this difficulty made us late for the 11 a.m. meeting so we proceeded to Playa Norte and got chairs at Buho's. I was starving and decided to have a sandwich. Most expensive and worst sanwich I have ever had but at least it filled me up. Lounged on the beach for several hours. Then I walked down to Hortensia's and bought a beautiful rose cover-up, a dress for my granddaughter and a wrap/skirt for me and headed downtown to catch a bus to La Gloria. I had left everyone at Buho's but, as I stood waiting, I saw the golf carts being returned to Gomars and everyone heading out to shop.

This was Thursday night and Zina had asked several of her friends to join us for dinner to celebrate my birthday, which was the next day, and introduce me to her friends. It was a super meal but bittersweet becuase I did not want to leave.

During excursions to town and shopping and Garrafon de Castillo, she drove me by freinds' houses and I had a great time meeting her friends and seeing their beautiful houses. She showed me real estate around the island and gave me a history lesson around each turn. What fun!!

Day 7 - Didn't have to be on the mainland until 7:30 p.m. so Zina and I headed off to Zama Beach Club. We had a fabulous lunch and several drinks and great conversation. We returned for a shower and fresh clothes. She had errands to run in town and I wanted to get some anchiote. We dropped off the laundry and went to the super market and then she took me to the dock. We hugged and said good by and I headed to the dock and off to Cancun.

A bus heading to the hotel zone came soon and I made my way to Plaza Caracol. Found that my favorite shoe store had closed so I couldn't get another cool pair of wedgie filp-flops. Bought a great pair in February there and was so disappointed. Shoe stores are very important to me.

Was to meet the Cancun group at Iguana Wana for my birthday dinner. Had a great fish filleet on a banana leaf with great veggies and rice. Returned to the Omni and fell asleep.

Day 8 - Up at 6. Road to the airport with Allen and Annette, checked in and had breakfast. Sat at the boarding gate and read my novel. Another great trip.

Epilogue - I have never before felt so rested and physically and mentally recharged after returning from a trip. Isla is definitley my new second home. Staying at Zina's was THE BEST. Comfortable and clean and living in a real neighborhood with all of it's sights and sounds. Staying at Zina's was like going to visit a good friend whom you haven't seen for several months. She is a delightful hostess and a great new friend.

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