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day 1-part 1

By: Estrela (View Profile)
Date: 1/2/2007

as i write this I'm washing my clothes with Sauvitel fabric softener. :) We left on Christmas morning...all 12 of us. We arrived at the airport and our 10:15 plane took off on time. Our baby Maya was perfect the whole time...meaning no annoying screaming or crying. She had a blast! that was a BIG relief. Our 4 year old watched dvd's the whole time. It took FOREVER to get our luggage in Cancun...and that was after a 30 minute wait through customs. It was funny because we kept waiting for our double stroller and it wasn't coming around. Finally my husband peeked outside and it was sitting right next to a worker leisurley eating his lunch! I said, "We're on Mexican time now!" After 45 more minutes we went outside to our Cancun Valet van. He was not there and it was a TOTAL mob scene!! I got stuck with the kids away from our group and it was scary because we couldn't move! After about 20 minutes a guy came from Cancun Valet. There was NO van, so he had to call one. Then another family was mad because they wanted OUR van so they started putting their things in was very unorganized. Finally they got a different van. Then we found out the infant seat was missing. I had email Cancun Valet abotu 10 times to make sure it was in there. It was not and I was VERY worried and upset. :( We made it to the ferry. Everything was wet because it had been raining all day. It was warm, but not steaming hot. We went to get on the ferry and were told we couldn't buy our tickets on the boat like we have always done. SO we had to run back to the ticket office and we missed the ferry...and ALL our luggage was on it!! Luckily it was waiting for us when we took the next ferry. That was stressful and we were bummed that the ticket process had changed. We arrived on Isla in the dark so of course it didnt' have the same effect, but it was so beautiful seeing all the Christmas lights and decorations. The air felt SO good after coming from the dry Minnesota air. We decided to hike it to our hotel...Cabanas Maria Del Mar. We were sweating by the tiem we got there. What a gorgeous hotel it was. My baby is waking up from her nap so more later!

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