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Mexico 2008 ~ Day 24 - 25 THE END!!

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/10/2008

Mexico 2008
February 14 – March 9

Isla Mujeres

Day 24-25 Saturday March 8 – Sunday March 9 THE END!!!!

Saturday, March 8

“The Last Day Funky Blues”

I’m not sleeping through another sunrise! And even though it isn’t spectacular at first, I sit for some time, just thinking about nothing and everything. Just enjoying the peace of the morning mixed with the noise of the waves crashing on the shoreline. And then, I look, and I realize that the sunrise really is spectacular….

And so, in an instant, my last day funky blues disappear. With rays of sunshine reaching out to me how can I do anything but smile and revel in the moment. The sad weight on my shoulders, knowing that this day begins the ‘day of lasts’, is gone and I vow to just enjoy the simple pleasures of this day.

We decide to spend the day at the beach across from Posada. The water is very calm here today.

Jan and Bruce are already relaxing and we get comfy in our chairs to enjoy the view…

And since it’s Saturday, lunch has already been arranged….Ribs!!! A short walk across the street and we dig in to the finger lickin’ morsels…

I never get in on the lunch photos, so with a really long arm stretched out, here I am…

As time passes, the clouds roll in…

We catch as many rays as we can and then it’s time for our very last zoom around the island. We ask Bruce to take a picture of us on the moped….

OK Bruce… only the palm tree is in focus and I think you forgot the moped!

Take 2…

Ok….there’s a little more moped showing…that’s as good as it gets! What’s the matter Bruce!?! Ah…that explains it!!

Of course, he’s just kidding! (I think!)

Hasta luego amigo! Off we go, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells as we go down the west side and back up the east side. Vince drops me off at home and then he heads off to Burgos to return the moped. Uhoh….no one is there and the shop is closed. He brings it back home and we’ll take it back in the morning. He arrives back just in time to see a bit of sunset from our doorway. He gets creative with his Sol, although it didn’t turn out that well….we’ll have to work on that next year!

We’re off to dinner on our own tonight and choose Angelo’s. We find a secluded table and enjoy some wine, salad and pizza. All delicious…

Our sunburned, happy faces….

Hand in hand, we walk back home…our feet our heavy….partly from it being the last night, and partly from knowing that we have several hours of packing ahead of us!

Sunday, March 9—THE END!!

And then, there it is….the very last sunrise for us to share and enjoy…..

We throw on some clothes and head to centro to check on our flights…phooey…no delays and no cancellations! We find some kitties patrolling Hidalgo...

I guess you have to be a cat lover to appreciate these photos. I think we are missing our 3 kitties at home, but these kitties are beautiful. How can you resist a look like this!....

By 10:30 it’s time to leave our new favourite Isla home…Villa Makax Townhomes…

We had hoped to find a trike fellow nearby, but no luck, so we haul the suitcases to the ferry. It is cloudy, hot and muggy today. As we wait to board the ferry, we search for Jan and Bruce. It is custom to see amigos off at the ferry…cry with them as they leave and smile when you are the lucky ones to stay longer. No sign of them though and it’s time to go….(turns out they were having fun cleaning up a sewage problem at their apartment so we forgive them!)

The engines roar to life and we are off…

Somehow, with the sun hidden behind the clouds and a few raindrops falling, it makes it a little easier to leave…

But even with the weather, I’d much rather be en la playa, than on the ferry!

We say adios to Isla Mujeres and Iberostar Paraiso….see you again in February 2009!

THE END!!!!!!!

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