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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 20

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 8/16/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 20

Sunday March 11

“Island Tour Day”

6am finds me on the balcony, enjoying the start of the day and writing in my journal…..

Can you get a room any closer to the ocean than this?....

The Roca Mar pool is like an infinity pool next to the ocean….

Back to bed for a bit more sleep and by 8:30 we are up and zooming on the moped. It’s time for an island tour! Actually, it’s just our last day with the moped and Vince wants to get in as much zoomzoom as possible! As we get near Playa Sol, we see Ziggy speeding towards us on a moped too. He yells out ‘Sunglasses!!” He really wants Vince’s sunglasses, but Donna says he’s not allowed to have anymore!

Our tour actually turned into the ‘million dollar home’ tour….come along and dream and drool….

The new ‘Welcome to Isla Mujeres’ sign….

The new Navy base….

This house looks like a maze to me….

Rounding the corner finds us facing the ocean on the east side….

Now this is the perfect Isla dog….what a life!

Hmmmm….should we stay here next year???

Turning inland we find the Crayola house as colourful as ever….

Riding through the colonias, we find the yummy bakery….it’s the blue house on the corner…

Back out to the coast where we breathe in the fresh sea air…

And then there’s ‘squatterville’….

They certainly do have a nice view from their porches….

Some of the many new huge buildings going up on the south end….

When we win the lottery….

When we win 2 lotteries!....

We reach the far south end of the island and stop to enjoy the colours of the water….

Up the west side of the island….I love the colours of this house….

By 11 we’re starving so we take one last zoom back to town. We park the moped and walk across the zócalo to the Super Express. The church is filled to overflowing….

The new zócalo….(anyone besides us miss the old one?)

The fountain….

Hidalgo is fairly quiet during the day….

We quickly get some freshly baked goods and devour them on our balcony. Time for the beach! We plant ourselves near Buho’s and I chill some DosXX for Bince….

Ahhhh….what a perfect day…..

After slaving under a hot sun….Lunch is served!....

Who needs a million dollar home….this view is free….and priceless….

The rest of the afternoon passes with reading and swimming. I could just lay here until dark, but Vince is bugging me for one last moped ride. But we already did our last ride. He begs and pleads….I think he even promised me chocolate….so off we go. One very last circle tour of our little isla. We drop off the moped at Burgos and thank Cheeklet. I drag Vince away to see the sunset.

We make our way to Playa Sol to enjoy the view….

There’s a large boat moored at the dock….we don’t really want to listen to that running during the sunset so we start walking towards Playa Norte. As we walk along the water in front of Nautibeach, I step on something….ouch! I lift up my foot and there is a hornet stuck in my arch. It hurts! Vince comes to the rescue and brushes it away but has to pull out the stinger stuck in my foot. OK, that really hurts now! We sit for a while so I can catch my breath (and stop crying!). I limp back to the corner near ChiChi’s and we decide that it is the perfect sunset spot. The view took all the pain away…..

What a beautiful ending to a beautiful day….

I limp back home….how funny that we’ve had a moped for weeks and as soon as we take it back, this happens! Tylenol and ice helped.

Time for dinner! For some reason we end up at Rolandi’s….I think I just didn’t want to walk any further! We share a salad and a Hawaii pizza and Vince also has 4 cheese rigatoni. Where does he put it all!? Two strawberry margaritas and we are happily stuffed. One question about their bill that I don’t understand….the menu says 10% IVA included and they also add a 12% tip to their bill. Just wondering.

It’s very busy at Rolandi’s and we sit near some other couples…..turns out that they are from Vancouver and Kelowna. Small world!

After a leisurely dinner, we slowly make our way home….our favourite little kitty follows us for a while….

’Last day’ melancholy is beginning to set in. Only one more full day in this island paradise…..

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