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Isla Mujeres 2010~~Day 11-13

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 6/30/2010

Isla Mujeres 2010

Day 11-13
February 22-24

February 22 – Day 11

Oh, it’s a glorious day in Isladise today! Let’s hope it keeps shining all day long!

Well, it was a beautiful day….one of the best so far. A perfect, warm sunny day with the gang on Playa Norte. And it almost lasted all day, but as we were catching a taxi around 6, it started raining. We were off to Mango Café for Jamaican BBQ night. The place was hopping when we arrived so we tried to find a spot to wait without getting drenched. It wasn’t a long wait and it was well worth the wait. Food and service was superb!

A bottomless jug of rum punch is placed on the table for us all to share….very refreshing!

Brian and Brenda….

Jan and Bruce….

Jean and Rich….

And then the food begins to arrive….a set dish of rice and beans, plantains, potatoes and carrots, cole slaw, and a large piece of chicken, seasoned and grilled on the BBQ…delish!!!!!

Never too full for desert…vanilla bean ice cream….yummmm….

We divided the cost with tip amongst all of us and it worked out to $320MXP per couple….a bargain!

Happily full, we catch taxis back to town and meet up at Miguel’s for some drinks and laughs….perfect end to a perfect day!

February 23 – Day 12

Could we possibly have a second beautiful day…..oh yes!!!

It’s a hot one on Playa Norte as the gang takes over a big patch of sand….

Brian does his best pirate impersonation…..arrrgghhh!

A group of volunteers is out walking puppies and dogs along the beach….we couldn’t resist this little cutie….

Can I take him home!!!

Looks like the puppy loves Bruce best….he got a thorough face-washing!

Late in the afternoon, we took a spin on our moped and stopped in at the new Super Express in the colonias. We stopped by the ‘blue bakery’ as well, but it wasn’t open yet…..not until 6pm. After our ride we ended up stopping by Brian and Brenda’s place and dinner was just being served. Brian is one heck of a good cook….he can do amazing things with a crockpot! So, we crashed their dinner and they were happy to share. We shared a fun evening with them, and then stopped in at CoMono’s for a drink and to hear Fa Sostenido, the two guitar players. They are so good!

After all the sun and fresh air, it was an early night!


February 24 - Day 13

The day starts out beautifully once again….

But, by the time we walk to centro, the clouds have rolled in…’s very humid today. We stop by the square to watch the school children performing….it’s Mexican Flag Day. They do very well with their drills….

After picking up a few groceries, we decide that it’s not going to be a beach day today. There’s a light rain falling, so it’s a good day to do a bit of laundry, watch a bit of TV, read, and straighten up our little home.

In the later afternoon, we head out to catch up with friends at Las Brisas on Rueda Medina. They all enjoy a late lunch….

Rich with his favourite fish strips….

Jan and Bruce enjoyed a pizza…..

And Jean had a delicious club house sandwich….

Some other lucky patrons ordered this huge lobster!....

We visited for a while and then it was time to head off to La Luna for…..Hockey!!!! Tonight it was Canada vs Russia and we cleaned up…7-3. Yippee!!!

We had a few yummy snacks….lobster quesadillas as well as calamari….

With 3 cervezas and 2 water and a tip….$330 MXP.

It’s a cool windy evening when we walk home….only 19C with 47% humidity…..what will the weather gods bring us tomorrow!?!

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