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Mar. 10-17...Day one

By: Char (View Profile)
Date: 3/29/2008

Got up early to finish packing, have some coffee, get the little one off to school (the ex and I share custody so this was the start of the ex's week) and head to the airport. Found the right parking lot with a little effort, and made it into the airport. Lines weren't too bad, and we got everything checked and found our gate. Even had time to grab a smoke before we had to board. (No negative grumbling from the peanut gallery! LOL) All went well and we were on our way!

Miami airport (to change planes) was MUCH better than last time! Must have landed at a better gate! Traveled with some Spring-Breakers. Boy was that fun! LOL As long as they weren't going to Isla...all was good!

The flight to Cancun was great. My gf, BJ, kept asking me questions about what we do when we get to the airport, customs, etc. I just couldn't remember! I assured her they would point us in the direction we were supposed to go! And they did. We got our luggage and the "green light" and were set! We stopped at the window and changed our cash into pesos...boy I feel rich when I do that! LOL

I got caught briefly by the time-share sharks...silly me, I know! He was like...let me see who's driving you? Clever line! I went over and he said, ok...what's your name? That's when I got smart! LOL I said...oh no...he has my thank you! We headed outside (like we were supposed to do in the first place!) and met Gabriel. He had a sign with my name on it, just as Kathryn had promised! Very nice man, and USA Transfers was a great choice for us! Our driver, Jorge, had gone to get the van and pull it closer. No wait at was wonderful! Jorge had brought his son, Jorge Luis, with him to help. They were great! Got to the ferry dock and a man helped with our luggage. I welcomed that since I was tired of lugging it around! We had time to grab some bottled water and relax while waiting for the next ferry. I could already feel that Peaceful Isla Feeling...!

The night ride over was wonderful...beautiful sky, and I love watching the people. (Our flight arrived at 7pm, so it was getting quite late). Pia (the lady who owns the apartments we were staying in) was waiting for us at the dock on Isla. She had her car! What a nice surprise! I thought we'd have to walk! Her wonderful husband helped with our luggage as well! The apartments were as wonderful as I remembered. So peaceful and beautiful! We got changed and headed out to Hildago. We were starving and knew we were about out of time to find something to eat! Oh...a side note! haha I knew that the apartments didn't furnish toilet paper, but last time, they did at least leave us one roll! Not this time! LOL I was prepared with kleenex though! The market was already closed, but we did find a little "convenience" type store that had some!

I just love the food at was the first place we ran into that wasn't already closed! It was really about time for them to close as well, but I begged...pleading that we had just arrived on the island...and God love them! They stayed open for rushing or anything!(though we did hurry for them!) I got an order of guac and the lime soup. Oh I love that stuff! BJ got the enchiladas suizas (sp?). It was amazing!!! I was starving at this point! I also love the bread they serve there! Shoot...I just love them period! The waiters there are top notch in my book! Even though it was closing time, the food was incredible and fresh. MMMMM... We walked down Hildago for just a bit, then headed back to the apartment. I was pleasantly surprised that I was remembering my way around!

We were absolutely beat at this point (and now full as well!), so we headed back to the apartment and to bed. Can't wait for my first full day on the island! We hadn't brought the camera out with us that night, but I'll have pics for other parts of the trip! Oh! Almost forgot...I cannot go without my morning coffee (if anyone remembers from my trip report in '06! lol). When we got to the apartments, Pia told us the last renters had broken the pot! ACKKKK!!!!! She assured me she would be there first thing in the morning with one we could use! to bed. More to come if you're interested!

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