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Isla Mujeres Day 6

By: sengel (View Profile)
Date: 8/19/2010

Trip Report

We really could wake up to the beautiful view we have every morning!!! Seriously...what a blessing =)
Today we have no plans but that doesnt take long to fix! The hubby says that maybe today he could swim with the dolphins..."his day" to do something exciting...And as much as I dont like the idea...I also cant be his party pooper (HA!...spell check says pooper isnt a word?!)...anywhoooo...we plan to drive down (or is it up?) to Dolphin the dolphin thingy then head to Garrafon Park for the day...

We get to the park and hubby decides to do the Royal Swim...this is 1 hour, 10 people and a lot more interaction with the Dolphins...they only charge me $20 to come and watch and that includes free drinks and the buffet...the park is small but nice and clean...its only 10 am and it is quiet...but not for in the distance you see the boat coming...full of tourists from Cancun....OMG there is so many of them!...we are sitting under the buffet palapa waiting for the orientation to start but first we watch the mayhem as there are guides corralling all of these people to their appropriate places...some going to do this dolphin swim....some to another one....some heading straight to Garrafon...we were wondering what all the taxis were doing outside when we arrived...some of these people had 4 paper wristbands was just crazy...and it also reaffirmed our decision to stay on Isla and bask in its peacefulness...So the orientation starts and I decide to head to the bar for my $20 in alcohol...yes its early but hey...I watch as the bartender is mixing up some funky concoction for this other guy ( see... I am not alone in drinking early ) the bartender smiles at me and I say...."Ill have what hes having!"...a "Sex on the Beach" it is!...we joke that after a few of those it will be sex on the chair...on the get the picture ...So I take my drink and head over to the pool for a quick dip to cool down....hubby is almost done the orientation so I head over to where he is with another full drink.....I want to take a pic of him in his lovely life jacket....I hand him the drink to hold as I take a pic....I notice he has emptied my glass!....bugger...
The groups head out to do their thing with the dolphins...its quite the operation they have going there...about 10 groups were along the long dock...each group had 2 dolphins, a trainer...and a photographer...hubbys group was farthest away from I had to use the super digital zoom to catch any of the action...
After an hour or so they were done...the hubby was quite excited about it and was amazed by the power these little fish produced....he quite enjoyed the to eat!...the buffet was ok....just what youd expect at these sort of places...nothing fancy...there were hot dogs, hamburgers and fries for the little kids....and a lot of other filler type foods galore...I believe I got my $20 worth here...

Then we head over to Garrafon Reef Park for the rest of the it costs me $39 to get in...again with free drinks and food....some people think this is expensive but we really didnt care about this price because we were on vacation and wanted to see and do as much as we could our first time around...The park is very nice and even though there were a lot of people there it did not feel crowded at all...we found a nice little spot at the end with a sandy floor and palapas galore....close to the bar and a small food area...Strawberry Margaritas...CHEERS to a good day so far !...I get some snorkel gear...that is also included free...and head out to do some exploring...Garrafon is situated on such a beautiful spot...the coral reef and the white sand...WOW!!! I saw a lot of fish...but I didnt have a camera with me...I could have bought one but they were charging $27 for one ...I didnt need pictures that badly....I saw so many fish!!! It was like swimming in an aquarium!!!...I even saw a Barracuda ...How exciting!... He was like a painting as he passed by ...his eyes never left me...I just floated eyes never left him!... It was so cool! I really liked snorkeling and now I think I want to do more if it!...hubby and I hung out by the pool...enjoyed out first TeKILLyas...played in the hammocks with our new little Mexican friend...and before we knew it the park was was at this point I realized that the hubby was closing down too...HAHA!!... I think the hammocks did him had nothing to do with all the free drinks or the tequila!!! ...We headed back to was a fun drive (I was driving) and the hubby was my entertaining passenger! ...We immediately headed to the pool for another dip to cool off....and the hubby went further downhill from there...and by that I mean he was shutting down fast!...too much excitement for him in one day! was only 6 pm...and he was back up in the room..... sound "asleep" ...poor thing LMAO!!!

The island is so perfect a place that I was not at all afraid to wander around by myself while the hubby "napped" many shops and restaurants and things to see on this little piece of paradise...I later wandered into a restaurant to order some Guacamole and Pico to go....took my food home...and relaxed on the balcony for the rest of the evening....and the hubby?...well he napped" until the next morning...

To be contd....

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