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Scott and Michelle's Trip Report DAY 3

By: shell122898 (View Profile)
Date: 10/7/2005

Our third day there we slept in just a bit and when we woke up it was very overcast and raining off and on. We decided since the weather was like that and we knew it would probably clear up in the afternoon and since we felt bad for Roberto (us nice Southerners, lol) we decided to do the Avalon thing and get us tickets to Garrafon and a golf cart for a day. We went and did that and was totally annoyed, but it rained the whole time, so that made it a lot better knowing that we would have probably just been soaking wet walking in the rain or in our room if we had not done that. By the time we got finished with that mess we were walking back towards the hotel and walked down the street that Cirro (or something like that) is on and the guy was saying $25.00 for a moped for 24 hours. We were exhausted at this point anyways from lack of sleep and partying so much that we jumped at this opportunity. I had on a skirt, so it was very comical with us on this moped and me in the back trying to be modest. We went back to our room changed and since we had the moped went to explore the south end of the island. We went down to the very end and hiked up the million twirling stairs, wanting to throw up the whole way because I was dizzy, of the lighthouse and looked around for a bit. On the way back we went down the opposite side of the island and saw the shell house. Time to work our way back to get ready for dinner. We went to Faynes for dinner this night and both had a wonderful steak. It had a great flavor. We ate and drank there and met a girl that was a traveling student, her class had stopped in Isla as a side trip and she was bored with all of her classmates because they did not really like to party, so she joined us for the festivities that night. We went from there and started drinking of course. We did not realize that it was buy one get one free drinks at this one place and all three of us ordered a tequila sunrise, well we ended up with 6 drinks on our table that was the size of a placemat. It was comical, so we decide to drink up to make room on the table!!! :-). That night we ran into Montee and Chris and we hung out with them some at various bars and clubs and then around probably 4 or so in the morning Scott and I walked to the beach and found some chairs to lay in. It was absolutely beautiful the full moon reflecting off the ocean, it was just absolutely amazing.

So we make it back to the room and I guess pass out. Day 4 to follow..........

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