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The FabFive Family Ruins & Isla Tour Part IV road to Valladolid

By: Mark in KC (View Profile)
Date: 7/10/2008

Day 5 was our final morning in Akumal. It was sad leaving our beautiful spacious condo but more adventure awaits us. We had hoped to get an early start and spend some time at the Coba’ ruins before it gets too hot on our way to Valladolid. We got the car packed and decided to have a good breakfast on the way out of town. We ate at the Akamalito. (which kind of sounds like the way I speak my Spanish). I think it was our favorite place to eat in Akumal. It is a small place only about 12 seats all outside adjacent to the grocery store. I would describe it as an inexpensive grill that serves tacos, eggs, hamburgers. They really served nothing fancy but it was quick and good. A little last minute shopping and the off to Coba’ .It is about 9:30 am not too bad of start.

Things are going well. We are getting further from the coast, the road is in good shape, not too much traffic and we have not gotten lost. We are about 10 kilometers from Coba’ and we are crossing one of those speed bumps that they just like to put on the road any time there is a little store sitting by itself. Sitting just on the other side is a “Policia” car and he waves to us to pull over. We were going so slow that we were able to pull over close enough that he did not have to move his car. He spoke no English and I spoke very little Spanish and my teenage daughter who was riding shotgun again has had several years of Spanish but not fluent by ant means. I gave him my license and the rental card agreement. My 19 year old daughter was doing a wonderful job conversing with him but there was still a language problem.. He was claiming he wanted a circulation card. We did find one more piece of paper in the glove box but he said that was a copy and he wanted the original. He kept repeating that we were guilty of an “infraction” and we needed to pay $50. Jillian kept claiming that was not fair (it was nice to see that one turned on someone else) and that we did nothing wrong. Finally I offered him $20. He quickly came back with $30 and I thought this is not right even in Mexico. I asked him what his and his partners name were and asked them to spell them as I attempted to write it down. Between the Mayan and the Spanish it was not an easy translation. I think we were stopped by Angel Fipuu and Jorge Poot.. Anyway now we are closing in on 30 minutes but it seemed like forever. Angel asks to see the paper one more time and decides all is well. He gave me back my license and down the road we went.

We finally get to Coba’ the clouds are gone and it is hot but there are a lot of trees around the Ruins. At this ruin we get charged to park by the guy in the information booth (a rip off I am sure) but hey I figure I am up $50 from not being taken by the policia. We hire a guide ($30) and pay our admission for 5 and the video camera (this time Jaclyn is not free) and head in. Another wonderful guide that was great at explaining the different buildings, symbols and Mayan beliefs. We were then able to rent bicycles and ride them about a mile down the path and explore ball courts and actually climb to the top of a pyramid. Coba’ was a very interesting place and was well worth the visit.

Back on the road to Valladolid and found our new home for the next three nights the “El Mason de Marques” Hotel.. The building was built in the early 1800 and has been a hotel for almost a hundred years. It was clean, located on the town square and felt very secure.
We enjoyed a swim in the pool and had dinner at the hotel and early to bed. It had been a long day..

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