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Day Two 2/27 "The great girls get-away"

By: sungrl (View Profile)
Date: 3/5/2008

Woke up this a.m. at 5:30, somewhat of a good/annoying habit I have on isla. Can go to bed early or late and still wake up at 5:30. This morning I had a little help, as I am laying there telling myself to go back to sleep the alarm goes off BEEP BEEP BEEP! I scramble across the huge (king-size) bed to try and make it shut off before it wakes Julie and Denisa (although they are way across the condo down the hall in another room) The blasted thing won’t quit!! Then finally off with the beeping and I get a loud Spanish speaking male with a rooster crowing in the background!!! I grab the cord and try to follow it to the plug in and it is somehow drilled into the wall….no plug to pull!! Finally I resolve to turning on a light (the kiss of death for hopes of falling back to sleep) and get it off. O.K. I’m up! Not light enough to go for a run yet…try doing a little Yoga and unpack all my stuff. I think of something I need from the safe and then get to it and remember that I had picked my code while in somewhat of an “influenced “ state and try a couple of my favorites….the third one works! As soon as it is a little lighter, I go for the run. I return to the girls getting up and we decide to test the water in the pool. As long as we were testing the water, we also decide to give the mojitos a try to. Mojitos were great, pool was warm, unfortunately the weather was extremely windy and overcast.

The view from our room/balcony

We decide to make the best of it and head into town to get our shopping done so when the sun finally shines, we can be out on the beach Photobucket

Julie and Denisa are both very skeptical about what you can/can’t eat and the ice in their drinks. They have been “warned” by many “helpful” friends and relatives over what to eat/drink or maybe I should say what not to eat/drink. By now I have gained their trust and they are eating and drinking everything! Of the 50 rules they have been given, they feel like they have broken 49 of them…..and still feel fine!!
We have dinner tonight a Angelo’s and stop by the “bakery man” on the way home.

We pick up Pineapple pie and some long pastries with cream cheese type filling. We decide it is too windy and cool to go out again and decide to make “Chocolate chipper sundaes” a dessert that whenever we get together for dinner back in MN we would have one variation of or another. I was unsure if I would find
1.) Large soft Chocolate chip cookies 2.) Redi whip in a can 3.) Chocolate sauce 4.) mini chocolate chips

So I had packed them all with….the girls are surprised. We end out just hanging out in the condo/out on the deck chatting playing a new game I brought down “would you rather….” and a silly, fun game of What if… After talking about the movie”The Bucket List” We decide to make our own “Bucket List” and we put it in the “Notebook” and call it the “Jax Corona bucket list” it has everything that we need to do before we leave isla. (In the movie the guys needed to do it before they “kicked the bucket”.

I’ll have to say that I usually stay at places that range from $25-$80.00 per night and I love all of them, but after staying at Ixchel (especially for a fun girl trip or with a couple couples) I would have to recommend staying here. Plenty of space and privacy , great view and a wonderfully helpful staff. We had called on the staff several times for different reasons and it was getting to be a bit of a joke that they thought we were a little “lost” but they were there in an instant every time. I had booked thru (Rm 403 and 404, although the girls kept having to remind me NOT 405 /406!)

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