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3/18 to 4/1...and now our lives will be changing forever

By: S.Fdez (View Profile)
Date: 4/7/2008

I will give a brief trip report and updates on some exciting changes. I know I posted in the end of February the good news that my husband had been approved for his immigration visa to the U.S. and hopefully our family would be together soon. Our plan was that he would come her for a year or two so we could take care of some things then move back to the Isla. Well just before we left for Mexico my husband has been offered a really good job on Isla so now our son and I are moving to Isla in August instead. There are still a lot of things we need to take care of so both my husband and I will be going back and forth between Mexico and U.S. for short trips till we are moved.

So needless to say right before our trip things got really busy for me. I had to get my house ready to put on the market, which listed the day we left for Mexico. There is so much to do I am kind of on over load. But I am so excited to be moving to Mexico, my how quickly life and plans change.

Ok now about my trip we arrived Tuesday March 18th. We decided to bring the dog with us since we were going to be there for 2 weeks and plus I wanted to see how she would do since we are moving there. She is a big black lab who thinks she is a lap dog. Well Ela did GREAT!!! She had a wonderful flight and did well on the ferry. I was very impressed how well she traveled and that is saying a lot since I had my hands full with her, my 3 1/2 year old, kennel, and all the luggage traveling alone.

The first few days we pretty much just relaxed, sat on the beach, eat, and enjoy family. On Wednesday we also met fellow board member Wolfer and her crew…unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to talk but it was nice meeting her and everyone. But who has time to talk when you are chasing a 3 year old and dog around?

On Friday we participated in the processional from the Colonials to the Centro. My son did really well (though he rode on daddy's shoulders most of the time) he did get hot though so I just kept pouring water over his head to help keep him cool. It was a nice walk and I was surprised how quick the processional went.

Easter was pretty quiet and mellow. My husbands family doesn't do as much as mine does. They don't really make a dinner or anything. The following week my mom came in on Tuesday. Before going to the airport to pick her up we went to the U.S. consulate in Cancun because we needed my husband to sign and notarize some papers to sell the house. They only do notaries on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-2. I called before we left to make sure she was in the office. But by the time we reached the consulates office she had been called out on Emergency. My husband wasn't very happy, but I figured hey I am on vacation I am not going to get angry these things happen. When I talked to the lady we needed to notarize the papers she felt bad and even agreed to do it for us on Wednesday morning (not normally the time for notaries).

Then Wednesday morning my husband got called into the office at his new job which doesn't officially start till later this month, so we weren't able to go in on Wednesday either. But hey…what can you do? How about spend the day at the beach with my mom and son??? Not so rough, I can't say I was terribly disappointed about not going into Cancun again. So we ended up having to make another trip to Cancun on Thursday. Finally the papers are signed and notarized…good my house can now legally be sold.

Friday my younger cousin came from Cancun to spend the weekend on the Isla with us. (I say younger because I can't say smaller because she has be me beat in height by at least 3 inches and she is only 11 years old) All of my family except my mom was on vacation in Cancun. We are talking grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousins the whole group. Oh and I almost forgot…my husband's picture was in the paper on Friday, exciting stuff.

Then Saturday my aunt and grandma came to Isla to spend the day with us, we had 2 golf carts and had a wonderful day. We went around on the golf carts, to the light house for lunch, stopped at Garrafon (who knew it was closed on Saturdays??), and of course shopping. Then grandma and my aunt went back to Cancun.

Sunday my whole family took over the Isla, 3 golf carts full. We went to Garrafon for the day where some of us did the zip line…loved it! My 3 year old thought he could do the zip line too and was not happy when we told him he was too small. And that is when some of my words came back at me…"Remember you said I am a big boy". They never forget anything you say. We had a fun time at Garrafon.

Then back to town so my U.S. family could meet my Mexico family. We had a huge feast prepared by my mother-in-law, aunts, and uncles it was a real family get together. The joining of two families and two countries…it was so nice having everyone together. My family all agreed that this meal was the best they have ever had in Mexico! Then they were off to Cancun again.

Monday was a sad day as we packed up and got things ready to return home on Tuesday. Well this trip we didn't get everything done we were supposed to before moving in August and that is why we will be needing to make additional trips but hey this one was supposed to be vacation. I will be going back in May for a long weekend to check out the school we plan on Kaden (my son) going to and put the deposit down to hold his spot. Well that is a brief summary of our two weeks on Isla. Soon to be our home….

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