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December trip-day 2

By: islasisterchick (View Profile)
Date: 1/3/2007

Day 2
I wake up at 6am for sunrise, but it is too cloudy. So I just crawl back in bed and go right back to sleep-until 9am. We get up and fix some coffee and watch the dark clouds and waves roll in outside our sliding door. I sure hope itís not rainy the whole trip. At least itís warm.

We head to town to pick up our golf cart that we have reserved at Prisma for $140 for 3 days. Very easy rental and they only required us to leave a copy of our drivers license. Ok, where should we go 1st? Back to the Super Express for everything we forgot yesterday-paper plates, towels, cans of coke with rum for laying around the pool. We drop everything off at the room and head south to look around. We stop by Zama Beach Club, but a big group from Cancun is there until 3:30 according to the lady from Sweden, maybe we will come back then. It seems like everyone we talk to is from one of 3 places: Canada, Minnesota or Sweden. I guess all that cold weather makes Isla a necessity at this time of year. We drive down and check out the Sac Bajo. I would love to bring a group of friends down to rent Casa Mimosa-it is gorgeous. We decide we are hungry and head back to the room to fix a small lunch. I get carried away and make nachos with beans and edam cheese (the closest thing to sharp cheese I can find in Mexico)and way too much guacamole and we sit by the pool and watch the waves and get totally stuffed on nachos, guac, beer and salsa. Oh, we found this great salsa at the Super Express. It is called Salsa Molcajeteada by Del Fuerte. It comes in a small box and has roasted tomatoes and is spicy, but not too hot. It is great with those thick chips. Sorry, I digress.
After our late lunch, we decide another drive is in order. It is raining again on and off, but thatís OK because we have our rain ponchos. It would be nice to have a wind shield when that rain starts slapping you in the face though. We are laughing too hard to care. I just thought my husband was a crazy driver before. You should see him when he is trying to avoid taxis and stray dogs! We head down to drop off supplies that we brought for Maggie. Sheís not there, but one of the teachers takes the supplies and we are off again. Robert just loves driving around the Colonias looking for interesting places to shop or eat. We find a small grocery and stop and get a Chemisse (sp?) Itís the coconut ice cream with the pineapple popsicle around it. Wow, it is good. After the weather clears up, we stop at Villa Las Brisas and talk to Curtis and order a pina colada. Wow, these are good. All fresh juice and grated coconut and not so sweet and thick like the ones with coco lopez.

The surroundings here are beautiful. Lots of little details. We look at the rooms. I love the conch shell shower faucets!

After a swing at the bar and in a hammock, we are off on the cart again. I think we have been around the island about 3 times now as hubby is having far too much fun exploring every, single street. We need to go the other direction now because I am only getting tan on my right side. Iím getting tired so we head back to PP 1 to shower and siesta. We head to town for dinner and read lots of menus on Hildago tonight.

Angeloís looks good so we order a pizza, a focaccia and vino tinto and stuff ourselves. We walk around and shop after dinner, then stop at the new ice cream place for Nutella ice cream. Oh wow! This is the closest thing I have had to gelato since we were in Italy a few years ago. We wander, stop and check out Casa Espana (what a pretty hotel), and enjoy the Christmas decorations on the Zocalo.

Eventually, we make our way back to the cart. Another wild ride and were back home for the evening. Maybe Iíll have the energy to go out dancing tomorrow night. Another great day in Paradise!

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