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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 7

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/14/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 7

Monday February 26

“The Second Annual Zamawama Day!”

I hop out of bed at the usual 6am. How’s the weather?? If it’s good we are going to Isla Contoy…

It looks fairly nice out although still a little windy. After getting some croissants and yogurt from the Super Express, we have breakfast on the balcony with Ingrid and Rick. We quickly pack up our snorkel gear and march off to see Captain Tony. Lucky for Tony, he already has his boat filled up. He offers to hire another boat for us, but we all decide to save it for another day. As we stand around chatting with Rich, Jean, Stacey and Colin…hmmmm….what should we do today? How about another Zama day! Last year we had such a fun time there with the whole gang so we are eager for a repeat. We all agree to meet there later and begin to look forward to more laughs.

We take Rick over to Burgos to get his moped. We give him all the rules of the road and then together, the four of us take off on a mini tour. We head down the east side of the island enjoying the scenery and finally stopping in at Punta Sur. We take the steps up to the top of the lighthouse to take in the view…

Up the east coast…

Over the water….

Are we having fun yet??

The gorgeous colours of the water….

From the lighthouse window….

It’s time to get the mopeds back on the road and make our way to Zama’s. We find the gang already gathered…Jean and Rich, April, Joe and Frank, Stacey and Colin, Barry, Darcy and her sister Clancy, Faith and John. We all get settled and it isn’t long before our chatter turns to our traditional photo. We’ve been doing these ‘beachback’ pics since we first started going to Mexico, and they are just for fun…and they are always so much fun to do! Giggles galore!

Since we all got eaten alive sitting in the water’s edge last year, we decide to play it safe and sit on the edge of the dock instead….everyone smile!

And, of course, we have to let Frank join us….

No peeking Frank!

Well, Frank behaved himself, but Vince didn’t!!! He snuck up on us!

We all get silly and decide that we are the new Rockettes….lucky we didn’t all fall off the dock!

Ok everyone…gather ‘round! The official photo of the Second Annual Zamawama day!

Cheeks are sore from all the laughing…time for lunch. Vince and I share a grilled fish fillet burger…$70MXP…very good. Beer was $30MXP and water was a tad pricey at $25MXP.

The facilities here are so nice….beautiful pool area and clean washrooms. Today was a very hot day and we made good use of the pool! After lunch Vince and Rick take a short walk but come back after a few minutes. They were being nosey and taking a look at the house next door…Casa Mimosa. Well, ‘Marylaw’ recognized Vince and asked them both in to see the house. Soon, they come running back over to the Zama beach and then, almost the entire group goes back to Casa Mimosa for the grand tour. Hope we weren’t imposing! The house and pool are beautiful and there is a gorgeous view from the rooftop. Thank you very much for the tour!

Back to the beach where we are soon entertained by Rich. We had teased the boys that they should all be wearing thongs on our Zama Day, and Rich is only too happy to please!...

Strike a pose Stud Man!

Out of the blue, a partner for Rich appears on the beach! They are the perfect couple!

That was so fun Rich…thank you for the show! You looked amazing in your ‘thong’!

Time to say adios to our amigos….thanks for the great day! We zoom off on our moped, heading south and then back up the east side. We make it to Playa Sol just in time for sunset and strawberry mango daiquiris. Yumm!

The end to another perfect day in paradise….

Getting short on money, we stop in at the bank…9.35MXP/CDN…excellent! We make plans to meet up with Ingrid and Rick at Rolandi’s for dinner. For some reason we are moving a little slow though, and by the time we have showers and arrive at Rolandi’s, Ingrid and Rick have already eaten. They keep us company while Vince and I share a salad and pizza. I let Vince order the pizza and it has just about everything on it…ham, pineapple, carrots, asparagus, olives, mushrooms and peppers. With water and cerveza, it comes to $200MXP. It’s okay, but we still like Angelo’s pizza better. While we eat, we are serenaded by ‘Karita’. Her singing was very good and Ingrid and Rick bought her CD.

Time for our usual circle walk up and down Hidalgo in an attempt to burn off some calories. We bump into Stacey and Colin but after all the sun and fun today, we are eager to find our pillows, so no partying tonight. Vince says goodnight to a kitty in a cozy sleeping spot and soon we are snoring too.

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