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Isla Mujeres.....not really!!

By: itsjustme (View Profile)
Date: 1/8/2010

Sorry to say I will have nothing to report on Isla Mujeres trip...only a doctor/hospital trip.

Woke up on Tuesday morning as usually and headed into work. Feeling a dull pain in my lower back. Probably just "jacked" it from scooping that white xhit!! Since we had a storm coming in was trying to switch flights from Thursday morning to Wednesday. Only for a fee of $325 for both. No "Travel Notification" to get it for free. Checked all day until I left work around 8pm that evening. grrrrrrrr.....

Finished the finally packing so we could head out to Omaha by noon on Wednesday before the wind started blowing the white xhit. Omaha is a 2 hr. drive to the airport from our house with normal roads. Thought wed get to a motel and hang out until our flight at 6am Thursday morning.

Woke up Wednesday morning with blizzard conditions and "take your breathe away" pain. what was going on now....kidney stones. But, Ive never had pain all the way down in my still kinda thinking major back issues. Called the doctor to get in as soon as possible. Well did the office visit and then onto ct scan. Confirmed...small kidney stone in the lower right kidney. Not attached to kidney and probably on the move. Well doctor said NO GO on the trip since I only have 1 kidney. You know...just in case I have complications. DOUBLE grrrrrrrrr.........

Only complications I told him. Mixing pain killers and alcohol which would cause me to dance on the bar and tables more often than normal!!

Quick stop at the "legal" drug dealer (pharmacy) and back home to hang on the couch and dream about Isla Mujeres.

Refunds: Called AA and have to mail a letter from my doctor stating he "grounded" me due to this medical condition. Full refund will be mailed to me after they receive the letter. Rented a condo thru meaghan at islabeckons dot com. She is waiting to hear from Ixchel condo complex. She did mention that the norm is you have 1 year to use the credit.

So for now still in Nebraska freezing our butts off!!

just received this email from meaghan at islabeckons dot com.

Hello Lori;

I hope that you are doing okay. I just heard back from the manager of Ixchel. Unfortunately they are unable to offer any kind of refund or credit at this time. They had put a stop sell on your dates as the hotel is completely booked up. Therefore they had to pass up other bookings for your time frame. If the hotel is not completely booked up they are often able to extend a re-book but in this case the hotel is full. I am very sorry about this but there is nothing that can be done.

Did you purchase any trip insurance? Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

Best regards,
Meaghan St Louis

This is my reply.....

Really. That’s kinda funny. We had another couple that wanted to go the same time and I did a search on Ixchel beach hotel website last weekend and they had plenty of rooms!! Matter fact I just did it for Jan 9-12…..PLENTY!! The couple didn’t go because airfare was outrageous. I am getting a full refund from American Airlines after they receive my doctors letter. I do understand if they are totally booked…but as you can see that is not the case.


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