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Ann and Sue's Isla adventure 2008 - Part 3

By: MNAnn (View Profile)
Date: 3/24/2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

The sky this morning promises a gorgeous day! When I opened the patio doors I was greeted by sun with a few clouds, a gentler breeze, and I can tell it・s already warmer than it was the day before. We needed to return the golf cart by 9:30, so we packed up the bags for a beach day and headed into town. First stop is Gomar II, park the cart, retrieve my driver・s license and head out to find some breakfast.

We remembered seeing breakfasts on the menu at Jax, so we decided to give it a try. The food was good, but the service was just so-so. And, of course, the prices are high compared to our breakfast at Alexi and Giovani・s the day before. But the coffee was very good, and it was a great spot to enjoy the view of the ocean and to watch the town come to life for the day. Overall, I・d go back to Jax for dinner or to watch the sunset over a bucket of cervesas, but think I・ll do breakfast elsewhere.

Neither one of us had remembered to pack a beach towel from home, so our first mission was to find a couple that aren・t too overpriced. The walk after breakfast will do us good, too! Found towels, made an ATM stop, grabbed a couple big bottles of water and then it・s off to Playa Norte to stake out a spot. We found two available chairs at Sunset Grill, made our .deposit・ and settled in to enjoy the day. The sky was still looking a little .iffy・ to the west, but we・re not afraid! We read our books, took turns taking refreshing dips in the water, drank our beers and were just two very content girls! It actually did begin to sprinkle for a bit, so we moved inside and waited it out. About an hour (and a couple pina coladas) later we were back in our chairs in the sand!

About 3:30 or so we decided to head back to the hotel. We visited by the pool for a bit with our new friends from WI and then it was time for a shower. One noteKthere was NEVER a shortage of HOT water at Villa Vera, didn・t matter what time of day it was. I love that!!

Time to decide where we・ll have dinner, so I pull out my food notes and my mapchick map. I LOVE chicken mole and had read reviews about La Lomita and seen pictures of their mole that made me drool. I found La Lomita on the map, and of course the cabbie knows right where it is and he agrees that they have good mole. That・s another good sign! Unfortunately, tonight they are out of mole! Bummer!! But one of their specials is chili relleno, another of my favorites, so that will do! It was outstanding! Sue had enchiladas suiza, which was also very good. Our total for two dinners and two sodas was a whopping $13 US. La Lomita definitely makes my list of places I・ll go back to!

After dinner, we went to Digame to make a couple quick calls home. Sue gets to talk to her family, but my hubby doesn・t answer. I・ll have to try later. We wander through some of the shops just for fun. I stopped at Coral Divers to set up my dives for the next morning, and we wind up back at Miguels for margs and Sols.

Miguel wondered where we ate and I told him that we went to La Lomita in hopes of having mole, but they didn・t have it tonight. I asked him where else one might find good mole and he says, :if you want it, we・ll make it for you here. It・s not on the menu, but that・s no problem. Just let me know what night!; WowKhow・s that for going above and beyond? We agreed that Wednesday we・ll be back for dinner.

Since I・m diving in the morning, we made it an early night and caught a cab back to Villa Vera. Back at the room, I got my dive bag packed for the morning. We read and listened to the radio for a bit, before falling asleep. Life is good!

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