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Mexico 2008 ~ Day 10

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 5/21/2008

Day 10 Saturday February 23

“Time To Get Goofy Again!”

The morning dawns on Jason’s last few hours on Isla….

While he finishes packing, I enjoy the view some more….

We enjoyed having you along Jason! Thanks for taking some great photos…

Off to the ferry bright and early. Vince goes with him just to be sure AGI is there to take him to the airport…

Notice the new dock…. I miss the click-clack sound of the suitcase wheels!

AGI Tours is there just as Javier promised and Jason arrives back in Canada later that day safe and sound. Hope he studied some physics and calculus while enjoying this view…

We waved at you Jason!

Okay…mom and dad can let loose again! Time for us to be teenagers! Off to the beach where we find amigos gathered at Playa Sol. I had somehow pulled a lower back muscle and Jean tries to give me a bit of a massage…I’m sure people wondered what we were up to!

I wish I could remember how this came about….looks like Rich is professing his love to Jean, but the rest of us want in! I think there might have been alcohol involved!

Some of the gang decides that dock diving would be fun…

Rich, Vince, Joe and April…

Show us your stuff amigos!

Maybe it’s a good idea to have some food on top of all those cervezas…fish fingers…yummy!

The afternoon passes with sunshine and siestas….the birds are our audience…

We were looking forward to a nice sunset today for a change, but something’s going on over there…

The fire increases….we heard that it was a huge pile of tires set on fire…not sure if it was intentional or not…

Back to the room to sober…oops, I mean clean up….towel critters await…

We’re not quite sure where we’re eating tonight, but bump into Jan and Bruce on our walk up Hidalgo. Someone mentions Pompoms….as in pomegranate margs at Miguel’s. No arm twisting needed…we’re off!

2 for 1 means lots of glasses!!

2 for 1 means lots of goofy times!!

2 for 1 means a smile from ear to ear!!

I know we should have had more food with all those drinks but we had a late lunch and weren’t that hungry. After a lot of giggles and visits from Shell and Greg, Vince and I had to dash to make some phone calls. Being responsible parents we thought we should check to see that Jason really did get home safely! Off we go to find a quiet telmex phone and it’s all good news. Jason is home in the snow, wishing he was back here instead!

We meander Hidalgo once again, thinking that we should have some dinner….see Jan and Bruce who are thinking the same thing. Jan and I are decide that we are so full from margs, we’re just going to go straight for dessert so we drag the boys to Color de Verano.

The boys shared some quiche and a tomato and fresh mozza salad…

Jan and I weren’t into sharing so we each had a fruit cup!! Good thing, as I’ve ‘shared’ dessert with Jan before and I really lost out! She does not share banana nutella crepes! Delish!

And so ends another fun, silly, delicious, wonderful day in Isladise!

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