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Berta's Boating Story Part 3 Ponce Puerto Rico

By: BertaB (View Profile)
Date: 5/24/2007

The taxi we took into town dropped us off at the zocalo.
It is much larger than Isla's zocalo, but reminds me of Isla none the less. (once an Islaholic........)

We walk around the zocalo checking out all the stores and restaurants. We are starving, but don't want Burger King, or KFC etc. Finally a man sitting on one of the benches asks what we are looking for. We told him we were looking for something other than fast food. He showed us
how to get to the Blue Kafe.

We find Blue Kafe and sit down. There is music blaring and I find it familiar but can't quite make it out. The next song comes on and I realize it is Mana!!! Leo and Chris are in their mid 60's so they dont' really appreciate it. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it.

Our waiter comes out and hands us menus. Standard fare, but I end up ordering a homemade hamburger. OMG!!! This thing was HUGE! It was stuffed with green peppers and onions and cheese and charbroiled. It came with a heaping pile of fries and a soft drink. Total bill: $5.95

After our tummies were satisfied, we took a bus tour of the city.

This is the starting point. It is the old firehouse which is now a museum. It was built in 1883 and yes, it has been black and red since it was built.

There are many sculptures and memorials dedicated to people that founded Ponce or some other significant contribution. I just couldn't get pictures of everything!

We passed by some really nice houses, but this one caught my eye. The locals call it the Wedding Cake House. I can see why.

This is the summer home of the founder of Don Q rum. Its right next to a monastery. LOL The summer home is now a museum and if we had had enough time to get up there, we could have taken a tour and gotten free samples. Darn, we didn't have enough time.

The next stop was a cemetary. At first I thought it was an odd place for a tour to stop, but I then found it facinating. It was the original burial ground in Ponce.
There were three sections, one for the rich, the middle class and the indigent. The grounds were surrounded by thick brick walls which turns out were also tombs for those with small pox. I thought the tour guide was kidding when he said there were remains in some of the tombs. Easy to put chicken bones in there to fool tourists, but when I got a close up look, they were real.

The following picture is of the housing the city built for the volunteer firefighters. One of the houses still is the home of the decendents of the original firemen.

The tour ended and we headed back to the marina.
I fixed dinner and took a nice long shower.

On the other side of the marina there was a malecon and lots of shops and cerveza stands. I so wanted to check it out, but was tired and knew we had another early and very long day tomorrow. So it was off to my bunk and some shut eye.

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